1967 - The beginning

On the left is Freddy Daktylidis, a well known figure in the community, always looking to make his mark in the island's history.

1969 - Paradise Found

A camping site and a restaurant south of Mykonos island founded by Freddy soon to be named Paradise.

1970 - Paradise on Earth

Hippies introduced nude bathing to Mykonos during the 1960s at this particular beach. Founded by Freddys Daktylidis, this was the beginning of a culture, a movement that would introduce Paradise Beach to the world.

1975 - Secret paradise

A hidden paradise where like minded people went looking for freedom, friends and fun.

1980 - A culture

It didn't take long to get the word out. A real paradise kept attracting more adventurous travellers every year.

1985 - Becoming a party destination

Access was quite difficult and only word of mouth could spread this passion for music, sun and love. Every summer the number of Paradise-goers kept rising.

1990 - Family feelings

Always a party atmosphere is what created this spirit, keen locals and tourists kept flocking to Paradise to experience the magic. In red, Freddy's son, Markos Daktylidis is seeing dancing with the crowd.

1991 - Party Atmosphere

The legendary beach parties were starting to grow. In the background, Freddy's son, Markos, setting Paradise restaurant alight to keep the crowd entertained.

1995 - Summer Stories

Looking at the camera, Freddy, always creating memories and making sure everyone is having the best time.

2000 - Rise to Fame

Later, Paradise Beach became known as the party central of Greece. The beach parties were non-stop.

2004 - Erick Morillo joins Paradise

International DJs and thousands of fans helped grow this phenomenon. The historical party with Erick Morillo until 10:00am marked an incredible feat in clubbing nightlife.

2015 - Tiësto Experience

The legend Tiësto plays an exclusive and massive set during the summer attracting a historical record of visitors to Paradise Beach Club.

2016 - World's Best Club

Awarded #14 best club worldwide by DJMag annual poll.

2021 - Legacy

Paradise Beach owner Markos Daktylidis took his father’s legacy to new heights. Paradise Beach Club now features multiple restaurants, beach bars with thousands of people from across the globe coming every summer.

2024 - Present Day

To be continued...